Advantages of the Superheated steam dryer


Energy recovery

Primary consumption is about 750 kWh/ton evaporated water without any heat recovery. 70-90% of the energy is recoverable by re-using generated steam in another process, for heating purposes, or by using Mechanical Vapour Recompression. With a condensing turbine the generated steam can produce about 200 kWh electricity per ton evaporated water.


Safety and Environment

Steam atmosphere eliminates the risk of fires or explosions, since no oxygen is present. Using a closed pressurizied steam system there are no particles or volatile compounds vented to the atmosphere, nor any visible steam plume. The possible volatiles from the product can easily be handled or treated in the condensate, where they are collected by condensation of the generated steam.


Ease of operation

Rapid start up, shutdown and response are some benefits of using indirectly heated steam system. Also the control of a low and uniform moisture content is easily achieved.


Excellent product quality

The unique drying conditions in the Superheated Steam Dryer are favourable for the drying of many products where quality is important. There are no air or flue gases that can oxidize or contaminate the product. Controlled temperatures and short residence times (5-60 seconds) make the technology suitable for drying of sensitive products. Due to the drying principle, a very uniform dryness of the dried product is achieved. The conditions in the dryer make it possible to achieve heat treatment and/or effective sterilisation of products.


Products dried in Superheated Dryers:


Paper pulp

Cellulose derivates

Mineral wool

Wood chips





Sewage sludge







Corn byproducts

Distillers grain

Spent brewers grains

Suger beet pulp

Rape seed/meal

Soya beans/meal


Sunflower seed

Potato waste

Fish meal


Orange/ citrus peel

Orange/ citrus pulp

Coffee grounds




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Source: http://www.barr-rosin.com/english/products/super-heated-steam-drying.htm

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