OverviewDried Milk

This classification covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy products. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mixes for the preparation of frozen ice cream and ice milk and dairy and nondairy base cream substitutes and dietary supplements.


Removal of all or part of the water from milk not only reduces transportation costs and makes handling easier, but it also allows unrefrigerated storage of sterilized or dried products for prolonged periods. Such products may be intended for consumer use or as ingredients in diverse processed foods.

Water is removed from milk either by evaporation, in which heat is applied under a vacuum, or by drying. Spray drying has been the more widely used method for preparing dried milk products. In this process, the condensed fluid milk is pumped from the vacuum pan while it is still hot and atomized in the heated air of the spray dryer either by the centrifugal force of being discharged from a rapidly turning disk or by being forced through a narrow nozzle. Drying is almost instantaneous.

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Major Processes

Flow Powdered Milk


Major Equipment

Natural Gas Technologies




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