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Animals are first stunned, and then exsanguinated. They are many different ways to do this, varying with the type of animal being slaughtered. The plasma from waste blood may be recovered for use in animal feed products. Carcasses are then eviscerated, and the hide is removed and retained to make leather products. The carcass is then cooled before further processing and butchering to prevent the growth of microbes. If done properly, meat can have a shelf life of up to three weeks. Animal wastes are disposed of by rendering to produce lard, tallow, soap, and grease. If the plant is an integrated plant, it will cut and continue to process the meat. Otherwise, the carcasses are shipped to processing plants in sterile, refrigerated trucks



Major Processes

Flow Beef

Flow Chicken Parts

Flow Pork

Flow Pork Products


Major Equipment

Natural Gas Technologies


Carcass Cleaning

Carcass Cleaning – Hogs

Carcass Cleaning – Steam

Carcass Cleaning – Steam Vacuuming



Refrigeration – Engine Driven


Source: Overview Text from http://www.sentech.org/CHP4foodprocessing/meat.htm 4/2007; Hog processing inspection photo from http://www.usda.gov/oc/photo/99c0694.jpg 4/2007;

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