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Industry: Fruit and Vegetables (NAICS 3114) Meat (NAICS 3116)

NAICS process:


311411 Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

311412 Frozen Specialties

311611 Animal Slaughtering

311612 Meat Processed from Carcasses

311615 Poultry


Process Brief: Food products are frozen by direct contact with a chilled surface


Energy source: Electricity/ some Natural Gas


Energy Intensity: 250-1,700 Btu/lb of product


Plate freezers are useful for freezing fish, pieces of poultry and cartons of vegetables. Direct contact cooling with a stainless steel plate chills the product at a faster rate than chilled air. The plates may be arranged vertically or horizontally. A typical installation has 15-20 sets of plates that are loaded and unloaded automatically. Vertical plate freezers have been specially designed to freeze fish at sea, creating blocks of frozen fish that are 20-30 pounds each. A major advantage of plate freezers is compact size and the ability to quickly freeze large products.


The heat transfer rate for plate freezers is much higher than chilled air freezers and comparable to fluidized bed freezers. A two-pound carton of vegetables can be frozen in 25 minutes and a 50-pound block of fish can be frozen in 75 minutes. One advantage of plate freezers is that temperature sensors on the plates can track the surface temperature of the product, which can aid process control.


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FMC FoodTech Chicago

200 East Randolph

Chicago, IL 60601

Telephone: 312-861-6000


Web site:



Jackstone Froster Ltd

Unit 31, Wilks Avenue

Questor Trading Estate

Hawley Road

Dartford DA1 1JS


Telephone: +44 (0)1322 226418


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Refriend Ice System

Add: No.44 Rengang Road,

Nantong City Jangsu Province,P.R.of China

Telephone: 86-513-83551291


Web site:



Source: Overview GRI-03/0075; Overview Image from 3/2007; other product images from manufacture’s web sites referenced and linked above.


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