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Industry: Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing (NAICS 3118)

NAICS process:

3118 Baking

Process Brief: Dough is heated to produce bread, cookies, and other baked products.

Energy source: Gas and electricity

Energy Intensity: 20,000 -120,000 Btu/h; 6-12 kW


The deck oven is another type of batch oven used by the bakery industry. A deck oven is a type of peel oven. Deck ovens are more suitable for smaller quantities of specialty baked goods. These ovens have multiple, independent baking chambers mounted one on top of another. One strong point for deck ovens is that the baking chambers can be kept at different temperatures, thus allowing more than one variety of product to be baked at the same time. Another advantage is that it does have minimal mechanical movement, which makes it more appropriate for sensitive baked products such as cakes.


Pan, Rack or Tray  Ovens


The Rack or Pan oven is loaded and unloaded manually. A stationary batch version is a large version of a restaurant convection oven. A rotational oven combines some of the features of a conveyor and convection oven. With rotational ovens, one rack is loaded at a time, continuously. An internal conveyor or chain-drive system rotates the racks or pans towards the back of the oven. The speed of rotation and the oven temperature controls the baking time. As the rotation continues in a circular motion, the rack/pans return to the front of the oven where they are unloaded, and immediately reloaded with unbaked product.


Rack ovens are rated in the 500,000 BTU range, and are generally less than 1 million BTUs. Most larger ovens will be gas fired, smaller ovens may be electrically heated. Ovens may also have steam connections, but the steam is used for ‘proofing’ and controlling moisture content during the baking process. Steam alone does not get hot enough to bake most products, but could be used for most other cooking and lower temperature ‘baking’ processes.


Energy Efficiency

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This site has smaller baking equipment more applicable to large bakeries.

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