Rotary Hearth Oven – BatchOven_Revolving_Hearth_Empire

Industry: Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing (NAICS 3118)

NAICS process:

3118 Baking

Process Brief: Dough is heated to produce bread, cookies, and other baked products.

Energy source: Usually natural gas, but can also be propane and electric-driven

Energy Intensity:


The rotary hearth oven is another type of batch oven used by the bakery industry. It is a type of peel oven, which is a brick-lined hearth using a long wooden paddle known as peel. Like other peel ovens, a rotary hearth oven has a solid-bottom-heat and properly proportioned top radiation heat from the low ceiling that was rarely more than a foot above the hearth. It generally requires a large work area and has a lack of flexibility and frequently occurring hot spots.



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