Oven_TravelTray_Henry (1)Traveling Tray Oven/Single-Double Lap – Continuous

Industry: Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing (NAICS 3118)

NAICS process:

3118 Baking

Process Brief: Dough is heated to produce bread, cookies, and other baked products.

Energy source: Usually gas, but can be gas and oi

Energy Intensity: 450-1050 Btu/lb


The traveling tray oven is another type of continuous baking oven. It can either be of single lap or double lap design. In the single lap oven, trays carry the product back and forth through the baking chamber once. The single lap oven is generally considered to be the better of the two, due to its long horizontal runs, extensive steam zone, simple construction, minimum ductwork, and generally simpler design. The capacity of the oven depends on the number of trays in the oven. Single lap ovens can have capacities from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds of bread per hour.


The design of the Double Lap is similar to the single lap oven, except that the trays pass back and forth through the chamber twice. The double lap oven is designed to take advantage of headroom in bakeries where the floor space required for a single lap oven is lacking. However, the double lap oven is more difficult to control because the baking zones are stacked on top of each other with wide openings between them to allow the trays to pass. The capacity the double lap oven is similar to the single lap oven: 3,000 to 10,000 pounds of bread per hour.





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