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Dryers_Tray_AeroglideCabinet/Tray Dryers – Batch, Solid, Not Heat Sensitive

Industry: Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Mfg (NAICS 3114)

NAICS process:

311411 Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

311412 Frozen Specialties

311421 Canned Fruit and Vegetables

311422 Canned Specialty Products

311423 Dried and Dehydrated Products

311823 Dry Pasta


Process Brief: Moisture in fruits and vegetables is removed using hot air.

Energy source: Steam/Natural gas

Energy Intensity: 1,575-3,200 Btu/lb of water in the product


Cabinet driers are the simplest drier design used in the industry and are used for drying fruits and vegetables that have moderate moisture content, such as apricots or peaches. Cabinet driers are also used in combination with other drying technologies. A typical unit is an insulated cabinet fitted with shallow trays that each hold 1-3 inches of product. Hot air flows are directed throughout the cabinet to achieve even drying across all trays, which have mesh bottoms. The cabinet driers operate in batch mode and tend to be found in smaller facilities because of their low capital cost and flexibility. Generally, product quality is variable because truly even airflow is difficult to achieve.





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