Pasteurization_-_Ultra |

Pasteurization_Ultra_NIROUltra Pasteurization – Water or Steam-based

Industry: Dairy Product Manufacturing (NAICS 3115)

NAICS process:

3115 Pasteurization


Process Brief: The process of destroying microorganisms that could cause disease, usually done by applying heat to a food.

Energy source: Steam or hot water

Energy Intensity:


The ultra pasteurization process heats milk to at least 138 degrees Celsius for a minimum of two seconds. It is similar to the ultra high temperature pasteurization, but because of less stringent packaging, the ultra pasteurization process requires the milk to be refrigerated after pasteurization.


Ultra-High Temperature Pasteurization

The ultra high temperature pasteurization process heats milk to at least 138 degrees Celsius for a minimum of two seconds. The basis of this type of process is the sterilization of the food product prior to packaging. The sterilized product is then packaged into pre-sterilized containers in a sterile environment.


There are two types of heat treatment in this method of pasteurization: indirect heating or direct heating. Indirect heating uses a plate heat exchanger system, similar to those used in the continuous pasteurization process. Direct heating requires steam to be directly injected into the milk or requires the milk to pass through a steam chamber. Unlike conventional pasteurization processes, ultra high temperature pasteurization already homogenizes the milk as it pasteurizes it.




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Source: Overview GRI-03/0075; Overview photo 3/2007;

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